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How will my clients have the perception that they have reached my business rather than an answering service? 

Our innovative computer software has phone number recognition and will display your company's information to our customer service representatives. When setting up your account with Always Connected, we will create a customized greeting and script details to your specification so your clients will always receive consistent service. Our representatives are also trained to consider themselves as an "employee" of your company giving the impression to each caller that they are dealing directly with your company.

Do you offer "Remote Call Monitoring" / Customer Portal?

Always Connected records ALL calls through our center which can be provided to you.

What training standards are your Customer Care Representatives required to meet?

Our representatives are required to participate in rigorous call center training including software operation, classroom training, one-on-one role playing and training programs such as HIPPA and Customer Service Excellence. In addition, our representatives are educated on each client's specific services so they are able to respond appropriately to callers' inquiries or requests.

What industries do you serve?

We offer our Enhanced Call Center services to a wide range of industries.

Whatever your industry, Always Connected can create a customized service plan to assist you in providing the highest level of customer care for your clients.    

Accurate Estimates

Our experience enables us to quickly and accurately assess your call center needs.

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FAQS- Frequently asked questions

Why should my business have an answering service aka "Customer Care Center"?

Our Customer Care Center not only helps you to manage your time efficiently, we professionally represent you and add that personal touch that all your clients want and deserve. With our "live" experienced staff taking your calls, you will have a higher percentage of callers who leave messages as compared to using standard voicemail. More calls to return means more business for you with higher sales and income potential. Let our live operators answer your calls 24/7 and maintain that competitive advantage that is necessary for your success! 

Does your enhanced call center operate 24/7?

Yes! We are in operation 24 days /7 days a week/ 365 days a year so you will NEVER miss a call. Our experienced representatives are ALWAYS available to provide your clients with professional customer service anytime day or night, holidays included. 

How do you price your plans & services?

Our experienced service consultants will create a customized package plan based on your companies specific needs. This way you save money by avoiding pre-packaged plans where you are required to pay for services you may never use.