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 Text knowing your messages are private and secure! 

Our secure text messaging enables you communicate with one employee or your entire staff through a smartphone app. You can safely text PHI information back and forth in a secure HIPAA compliant format.

Our secure text messaging smart phone app features include:

-Secure, encrypted text messaging
-One Button Check-In for calls 
-See when your text delivered and read
-Free secure messaging between devices- no additional charges

Secure Messaging is Peer-to-Peer

Peer-to-Peer is a means of direct communication between devices and does not require an intermediate website or server. There is no dependence on a centralized system so that communication between devices will not be interrupted due to downed server issues. Peer-to-Peer messaging is more dependable and has the ability to encrypt and decrypt the messages that are sent and received. 

Therefore, with our secure messaging app, if the device you‘re sending to has the app and a registration ID as well, you are guaranteed secure communication.

In addition, Always Connected uses SSL technology which enables encryption of sensitive information during transmission. Our secure text messaging is HIPPA compliant providing you with privacy and sender/receiver authentication. 

Always Connected will create a specific protocol for handling your calls that is customized for your specific needs. Our goal is your success!  Call us today, so we can customize a cost effective, solution oriented service plan for you!

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