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Help desk

 Critical support 24 hours/ 7 days a week! 

These days, clients expect nothing but the best when they need assistance with the products or services they've purchased. Always Connected offers this critical, on demand support with our 24/7 help desk service. Our support staff works in conjunction with your existing policies, procedures and guidelines and is a cost-effective way to provide your clients with the immediate support they need. 

Let our experienced help desk staff help with:

-Pre and Post Sales Questions
-Billing and Shipping Inquiries
-Order Entry
-Scheduling Appointments
-Password Resets
-Click-to-Call Assistance
-Email Response and Dispatch
-Call Forwarding to Your Staff/ Technicians
-Answering Frequently Asked Questions

All help desk inquiries and actions are logged enabling you to track your call volume, inquiries and resolutions so you can better understand your customers’ needs and provide follow-up care after the service.

Always Connected will create a specific protocol for handling your calls that is customized for your specific needs. Our goal is your success!  Call us today, so we can customize a cost effective, solution oriented service plan for you!